Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Assignment #5

Chapter 2 of the Cluetrain Manifesto was a little more optimistic for me in the sense that it shows us that as far as the Internet goes, we have a voice. One example of this could be the use of blogs and they can be used to question things you see or read in the news. It can reshape the news in the sense that bloggers all around the world can be unofficial fact checkers of the news that have just seen or read. Deb supports this in her discussion of the Internet building a new world. One thing that has always bothered me that was brought up in chapter 2 is this idea of professionalism. No matter where you work, you must come in wearing a 3 piece suit, so you can go sit in your cubicle and be miserable. It the same thing about wearing your best when you go to church. Do you really think God cares if you go to his/her house to worship in an Armani suit. So does that mean that God doesn't like the homeless because they don't dress well? Can you do your job any faster or more efficiently because of the designer suit you are wearing. Professionalism isn't a material it's a mindset. It's coming into work on time everyday ready to work, not a $300 pair of shoes, or a new business card. You should watch the movie American Psycho in order to see "corporate professionalism" gone overboard. Lania gave a good example of the mocking of the "corporate professionalism" in her mentioning of the hilariously funny movie Office Space.
In addition, in chapter 2 Locke's questions what the web is for and Locke seems to think that the Web can be our opportunity as less than human consumsers to become human again and have a voice. He tells us that we don't realize how much power we really have. Locke promotes that we manage our world because he could help things in our lives like risk avoidance, smoothness, fairness, and discretionary attention. Just to elaborate on on of these points, risk avoidance is created in a managed world because nothing unexpected happens if you are managing the world correctly. Unfortunately, managing our world can't really prevent the insane idea of professionalism. One problem that Locke did a great job of stating was the problem of the "business" voice or the corporate voice. Our voice is what defines who we are and distinguishes us from all other people. However, our business voice is pretty much the same as everyone elses keeping with the company line. He says that managed business it what has taken or voices and I couldn't agree with him more, but I guess it's just all about swallowing your pride and collecting the check. The Web can give us our voice back, where we can say and do what we want. We don't have to stay in league with our business allies we can do what we want and question who we want. When are we finally gonna wake up to this?


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